Downstairs Framing

Next came the really exciting part. Framing! We framed entirely with 2×4’s to keep the weight down while still providing the structure we needed. We should have referenced it earlier, but we followed a great little guidebook called “Tiny House Design and Construction” by Tiny Home Builders. It is not a specific set of plans, but instead an overview of the phases of tiny house construction. We definitely recommend this book if you’re going the route of building your own tiny house.

This was the moment when the fact that we were designing everything about this house ourselves really came to the fore. We needed to decide what we wanted to do about the windows and the door (more on this later). Through the magic of craigslist, we found 6 window sashes for $5 a piece. We got a leaded glass window from ebay and a stained glass awning window for a song from a lady who was renovating her house. We decided to make our own door since we wanted one smaller than any standard doors we saw and because we wanted it to be a dutch door.

We mapped out where these openings went and followed some basic rules which caused the downstairs framing to really design itself. Our studs were spaced the standard 16 inches on center. Our head height needed to be 6’2″ We put headers above the window and door openings. We also used a header as the bottom plate of the framing over the wheel wells. Before we knew it, the downstairs was framed and our little house was taking shape!

Frame of the downstairs front wall.

Frame of the downstairs front wall.

Will and his dad cut 2x4s

Will and his dad cut 2x4s

IMG_1045 - Copy IMG_1059


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