The Decision to DIY

Back in September 2014, we were in the early brainstorming phases of our tiny house journey. We knew we wanted to travel frequently and explore the beautiful varied vistas of the US of A, so mobility was obviously key. It needed to fit within our modest budget as well. Our original concept was a small gypsy wagon called a “Vardo.” A quick craigslist search turned up a beautiful little Vardo handmade by a man in Blue Ridge named Blackfox. When we spoke on the phone, he was very polite and clearly passionate about the tiny house movement. He said the Vardo was too small for our purposes, but he could make us a custom unit that would fit our needs. Well, hot dog! We hopped in the car and made the sojourn from Atlanta to Blue Ridge, GA.

After trekking through the woods, we pulled up to find the Vardo parked right at the end of the drive. It was even more beautiful in person! We had a blast as he showed us his workshop with creations ranging from homemade rocket stoves to a beautiful live edge table. We sat down to discuss particulars. What we came up with were some very cool plans. We both agree that if we had decided to work with Blackfox we would have ended up with a great tiny home. We decided against it though, for a few reasons. For one, we lived too far away. We wouldn’t have gotten to be there as our home was coming to life! Secondly, our money was tight and we didn’t want to enter into an agreement if there was a chance we might not have been able to afford it. And thirdly, we were gaining confidence that we could do this ourselves!

So we thanked Blackfox and set out to design our house. We had some googling to do.

We first looked at a gypsy Vardo like this one

We first looked at a gypsy Vardo like this one


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