Good evening, tiny house enthusiasts!

Let me tell you a little story.

Last September, two newlyweds, Will and Nya, were searching desperately for an alternative lifestyle to escape from their prisons of the full-time cubicle 8-5 desk jobs they were toiling away day after day at. After seeing a documentary called “Tiny” on Netflix, they started building a tiny house together so they could travel the country while working remotely and living the dream of wandering gypsies. Neither of them had any building experience. They didn’t buy any plans. They had very little knowledge of the world of Tiny Houses. They just went for it!

So that brings us to the here and now where the story lives and breathes the present day. We’re starting this blog with the outside of the house nearly complete and the things we’ve been doing appear to be successfully culminating into a real, working house! We even dragged an air mattress into the bedroom loft and “camped out” inside of it for a few nights! It seems we are rounding a corner in the building of this tiny house of ours where we can’t help but say to ourselves multiple times a day “it’s really happening!!!”

What all this amounts to is that we finally have the confidence to write a blog about what we’re doing. This blog is not intended to be the final word on how to build a tiny house. This is our journey to freedom. And the view looks great from where we’re standing!

Our progress so far...

Our progress so far…


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